Last night I got the shock of my life. My story writing abilities appeared out of no where. I haven’t been able to write in over four years. Last night it all came thundering back into my head. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing LOL. It’s just musings so far, but heck, I’m astounded.Written @ 3.25amI suddenly felt the urge to write. I haven’t had that feeling since before my Mum died. Tuesday will be the fourth year anniversary. Time flies regardless.I’ve felt homesick today. But not for friends or family. For the simple things in my life I once had. Both of the houses I owned, I miss little things about them.I miss the garden in Berwick, digging holes, nurturing plants, the satisfaction gained. Long long summer nights, cooking on the BBQ, sitting outside, watching the frogs stalk their dinner. The cats as they chased moths. The Orb Weaver spider, who for 2 summers, spun her web in the same spot every night. A beautiful intricate web, her life so simple.Lying under the ceiling fan, listening to the noise of the cicadas as they revelled in the summer heat. Outside, turning the sprinkler system on, that I built myself, and feeling the fine spray settling on your bare skin, making you shudder at the feeling. A gentle breeze making tired, heavy leaves nod their heads in the evening air. Sighing that another hot summers day has drawn to a close.Lying on a blanket on the grass, under a spectacular starry sky. Too hot to sleep indoors yet. Incense floating on the breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay. Satellites and shooting stars, the shadow from the silvery moon. My cats, flopping quietly down beside me, eager to get some respite from the heat too.Then there was Bentleigh and my apartment. Airconditioners droning, the sound of the train crossing in the distance. Balcony door always open, fresh and pleasant. BBQs on the balcony, white wine, beer, cigarettes. Not a care in the world. Languishing inside, aircon on, escaping from the height of a blistering summers day. Fresh fresh bread, amazing deli meats, fish and chips, charcoal chicken. A food lovers paradise.Journeys by car to my favourite beach. Music playing, smiles showing. The anticipation of that first contact with sand and water. The delicious smell of the sea air, down the path, I’ve lost count how many times now. Always smiling at that first glimpse of water as you round the corner and reach the top of a small incline. Bright sun captured in the waves, glistening. The sound of seagulls calling. Hot hot sand between your toes and under your feet. Put up the sun shelter, quick with the sun cream, the water is calling me, the sun is caressing my skin once more. At the end of a sun drenched day, stiff from salt, making the weary trek to the car, one last glimpse over your shoulder, every time.


~ by Fen on May 15, 2006.

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