Home Time

Later tonight I am out of here.My room is slowly getting emptier and my suitcases are overweight. I knew I should have put them on a crash diet smileSoon I will have to unplug the laptop and pack it away too. Though not for a few hours at least.Thanks to everyone to made it to my farewell drinks on the weekend.I had a fantastic time.It seems I am not too old to get trashy two nights in a row.It does however seem that I need more than a few hours sleep!!I’m feeling ultra ultra emotional today, I hate goodbyes I really do.I’ll be at my Dad’s house for 6 days then I’m going to my Nan’s to live. I’ll have sporadic internet at Dad’s then I’m not sure what will happen. Mobile phone connection is not a priority, maybe I’ll go without for a while Love to all you UKers, thanks for making my time in this country awesome. I’m going to miss you guys like you won’t believe.Take care, I’ll be back.Fenx**update** I can’t stay at my Dad’s because his horrific girlfriend says she doesn’t like me (or my sister)! Reason number one why I don’t want to go home. I am over that shit. So it looks like I will be staying at Martin’s for a bit. He has no internet at all, so I guess I’ll be uncontactable for a while.


~ by Fen on November 13, 2006.

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