i’m back

Well here I am. Frustrated, disappointed, but I’m back online kinda.And I’m not using the internets at the library!!My wireless card got delivered today, alas due to bad karma or sommat, it didn’t work! I need to update some drivers, that they don’t happen to have on the installation cd. After fucking around for hours in the 33 degree weather, walking to the shops etc, I was none the internettier. Finally some twat decided that I should at least have free dial up and here I am.It’s weird being home. The weather is awesome, I am tanned up already. The rest, well, meh. I won’t bore you all with the details. I’m ok, coping, doing job applications, got an interview tomorrow. I need to be earning some serious money to support my lavish lifestyle! I am such a lush tongueSo, bring on the internet, dammit, I missed it all.Fenx


~ by Fen on December 5, 2006.

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