Feel the Heat

Oof what a weekend! Hot, hot and more hot. Yesterday was 37 degrees and today topped 42 degrees celsius. Thankfully we’ve had a cool change blow through in the last couple of hours, so it’s now low 20’s and heaps more comfortable.Yesterday I woke up to a smoky day and an orange sun in the sky. It wasn’t too hot early, but once the breeze pushed the smoke away the temperature skyrocketed. I walked up to the shops to get eye drops, coz my eyes aren’t coping at all, and the visibility was pretty shot. I took a few pics but it’s really hard to see just how terrible it was.Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingit’s hard to tell from that, i guess it looks more foggy, but normally you can see for miles.I went down to the beach for a couple of hours with Martin, it was nice to immerse myself in the water and escape from the heat for a bit. In the afternoon Matt came and picked me up and we spent the arvo by his pool. Bliss. Beers, BBQ food, pool and tunes all make this Fen a happy girl.I watched A Scanner Darkly at Matt’s, which was an awesome film. It certainly made my brain tick over madly. I also got me a Boonie and Beefy doll from Matt, bloody awesomePhotobucket - Video and Image HostingI didn’t end up going to bed til around 3am, it was still hot and though I was lethargic, I couldn’t be bothered moving to bed!!Today was hot early. I got up at ridiculous o’clock to have a chat to one of my UK contingent, which was great. I then watched some South Park before succumbing to my heavy eyes and having a nap for a couple of hours. I woke up later on to the stinking heat again, I went outside and almost burnt the insides of my nostrils breathing the air!! Thankfully the cool change blustered in not long after, so we opened up the house and let it cool the place down. I then went for a walk to get snacks and came home for dinner.There are numerous fires still blazing across the state, wreaking havoc as they go. I was just watching the news and the footage is amazing. I’m so glad not to live in the bush land anymore. As fabulous as it is, it’s just too stressful in summer’s like this one. Luckily my Dad’s area was fine this weekend, no fires to report of, so he can breathe easy til the next spell of ridiculous weather.I visited the people over the road this weekend, I am house-sitting for them starting Saturday, for 3 weeks. They have two lovely cats, so I will be happy 🙂 Greg has said I can hook into their broadband whilst I’m there, so that will be awesome. No more of this tedious dial up, which gave up the ghost today. It would connect but nothing would work. I was too tired to give a rats, otherwise I would have stomped about and had a little tanty, Nikki stylee!Tonight, I plan on relaxing to the highest degree! Bring it on. Thanks Matt


~ by Fen on December 10, 2006.

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