• i’ve been ultra tired today, not sure why
  • auction tomorrow – can’t wait for it to be over with
  • might attempt some moving Sunday
  • finishing moving on Monday
  • not sure when I’ll have internet again
  • mad essay/exam period coming up
  • i got two distinctions and a pass already
  • where is winter?
  • i will need to put alice on a diet there you go lozoodle, i put it on
  • i was going to drink some of my vodka tonight, but i packed it!!
  • i was wearing my knee high boots with my trakkies earlier, i am hot 😉
  • friday night games soon wheeeeeeeeeeee
  • i have my dressing gown on already, i feel the cold a lot more since i went on heart tablets
  • i don’t know why i’m doing this in list form, but it’s fun
  • who wants to come to Alia with me on a Thursday night? It’s lesbopienight
  • is a nerd who does jigsaw puzzles
  • tim just dropped off my keys to the new place *wiggles*
  • i’m really horny, really really really

~ by Fen on May 11, 2007.

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