Friday – grocery shopping night!!!

Today has been the epitome of exciting 😉

8am – grief counselling class: I enjoy this class, it’s what I think I want to do when I graduate. After that I had my behavioural science tute which was also good.

Did a bit of wandering around the city after uni, was going to go jeans shopping however I really have to be in the right frame of mind for that, and I wasn’t, so I came home.

Sat in the backyard on my banana lounge whilst the cats ran amok, and ate lunch and soaked up the glorious spring warmth.

on the prowl

I had a wee nanna nap around 4pm… I almost feel like I’m fighting off a cold and was dead tired. Then I did some grocery shopping at 8pm. When did groceries get so effing expensive? Blimey.

Anyway, stuff in my head is more interesting than I want to write here!!! Maybe one day.

~ by Fen on August 24, 2007.

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