stuff from my brain box

I’m not unattractive, despite my heads best attempts to tell me i am.
I’m happy and easy going 95% of the time.
I’m confident and somewhat intelligent.

Yet, people are intimidated by me, scared of me, make wrong judgements about me.
I feel like I am doomed to be single all my life.

I’ll never be the girl who giggles and flutters my eyelashes.
I’ll never be the one who picks up in a club or bar.

I’ll never be skinny or little or cute.
I’m big and strong and loud.

I have opinions and I’m not afraid to speak them.
I won’t ever be the submissive one who does what I’m told all the time.

I guess no one finds any of that attractive anymore
Case in point: my flatmate.
She’s little, big boobs, flirty, extremely submissive, does all the cliche things to attract people. And it works. Why are people so shallow? Why do I even bother?

*gives up and hides from the world*

ps – i hurt my neck, i’m not sure which hurts the most, my brain or my neck.


~ by Fen on September 21, 2007.

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