one of those days…

So today I normally have off work. But I said I’d come in for 5 hours because they were looking for people to fill shifts. An easy early evening shift.

I left home on time after breaking the pull thing off the zip of my bag. I didn’t have time to get all my stuff out into a new bag. I got to the station on time and realised I’d left my train ticket in the back pocket of my jeans from the day before. I’ve developed the bad habit of absent-mindedly putting it in there coz it’s easier than getting it out of my purse. So I had to buy a daily. Alas, my bank card didn’t work but thankfully I had a $5 note in my purse. So I wait for my train. An announcement comes over and I dislodge an earphone to listen, my train will be 18 minutes late. So I walked up to get a tram.

Grinned like a fool all the way in to the city as I listened to my Russell Brand podcast for this week. The man is a genius. As is Matt Morgan.


I get to Melbs Central and go to an ATM to check my bank balance. It tells me I have no funds available. I stare blankly at the screen, yesterday I had sufficient funds.

So I stalk up to work and ring the bank. They tell me they’ve frozen my account because I’d not paid my credit card payment. Which I had. Oh ok, well we’ll unfreeze it then. We did ring you but you never answer your phone. NO SHIT. I work and study full time, the only time I’m available for ANYTHING is after 11pm most nights. Screw you.

Never mind I think, this is a nice easy shift and I can continue reading the novel I am engrossed in.

Ba boooow… we barely had time to breathe tonight, I am not sure why it was so busy, but that was crazy times. I left work feeling like I’d gone on a mad shouting spree.

Then it dawned upon my addled brain that I’d left my house keys at home. Thankfully my flatmates were in for the night, so I didn’t have to wait out in the chill.

Currently Saffy and I are snuggled up under the doona, me typing, her snoring. Life couldn’t get more sedate.


~ by Fen on October 9, 2007.

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