i breathe the alchemy

  • counselling practise session – tonight
  • counselling transcription – wed
  • grief counselling exam – thurs
  • behavioural science exam – thurs
  • birthday dinner 4 work peoples – thurs
  • drinks – fri 🙂
  • reflective essay – mon
  • reflective piece grief – forget when
  • theories & tech exam – sometime soon
  • stuff i have forgotten – probably loads
  • brain explode – imminent!
  • That’s in between uni classes and work!!
    I will be SO glad when this is all over.
    I may even have a life again!!

    WTF is with my list bullets being off my page :S

    edit dahling

    i’ve finished my transcript
    essay tomorrow
    jess used me as her counselling person so that’s out of the way
    i’m contemplating the essay
    but really dreaming instead
    it’s a nicer world my dream world
    hot too 😉

    the saffster is lying all over me purring her little heart out
    feline love for everyone

    you’re what’s playing on my mind
    so come on
    give me release
    so come on
    show me what i need

    i have my music on, being piped into my brain box by my luscious headphones
    aural pleasure indeed

    ~ by Fen on October 16, 2007.

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