i’m lying in bed, my blanket is warm

there’s something about eating basil that makes my eyes glaze over and my senses ping.
in the same way avocado makes me feel sensual

at the moment i find it rare that i eat during the day, my stomach is too sensitive and my senses are working over time in all the wrong areas

but with a little late night assistance my tastebuds can once again appreciate the finer subtleties and savour things the way they are meant to be savoured

i never lose the appreciation for music however
i just ebb and flow through different genres depending on the state of my brain box
i can’t imagine life without music
my ipod holds the soundtrack to my life, as i weave my way about
for me to live without music is for me not to feel

And I have found in you a friend
Here and now there’s no need to pretend
There’s no time and there’s no end
Coz I have found
I am open
Here and now
I am open
To you

i have a battle playing out in my synapses, with my neurotransmitter receptors having maintenance
chemical withdrawal and it’s manic highs and lows versus reality
i’m not sure what reality constitutes yet, but the vision i have is welcoming
impatience sometimes prevents an existential approach
but i will get there, this will pass, tomorrow will come

it’s going to be fantastic

i need to create
my creative channels are not flowing freely
i can feel it trying to get out

i want to feel you
dancing close to me

so, um it’s 3am and i just realised i’d climbed into my headphones and gotten lost
dream land awaits, freud would have a field day 😉


~ by Fen on December 11, 2007.

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