i’m attempting to type this with a kitten sprawled out in my arms, gently purring and kneeding invisible dough in the air, whilst lying on her back!


Last night was our Salesforce work christmas party. Salesforce employs thousands of employees in call centres across australia. They are awesome to work for and their attitude is pretty relaxed. Our work christmas party was Viva DockVegas themes, as it was being held at shed 14 on the docks. For those of you who don’t know, they once were sheds that have been done up into massive convention type centres. It’s an impressive space, right on the water.

On a hot night like it was last night, the breeze from the water was like magic to the senses.

I met Jack at his new place beforehand, he’d spent all day moving there in the heat. We hung out and waited for Amy and Judy to turn up, then we waited for Jack who’d forgotten all sorts of things at the old house!

Part of my night was a celebration for myself, for how far i’ve come this year, what i’ve been through in the last 3 weeks, and how good i’m feeling now. I know it’s transient, but I’m riding the crest. So we decided to dabble in some pills before we left. I haven’t done them in a couple of years now, and even that was a once off. So up we hoovered them and off we went. Via Jack’s old place again coz he’d still forgotten the all important ticket and wristband!

We got there, all hyped to go and made our way into the venue. It was decked out fairly impressively. Not my style, but the effort they’d gone to was amazing. There were open bars and huge tables of food. Live entertainment on stage and poker tables up one end!

The next few hours are quite a blurr, though I don’t forget any of it, it’s like it happened in a dream. The people I work with are quite possibly the most eclectic mix of awesome people you’re ever likely to meet in a call centre. Salesforce have a policy of hiring people that are a bit different, to have them all under the one roof was manic!!

I drank and hugged and laughed and hugged some more, ooh here gimme a drink, smile, laugh, take photos. I had a fucking ball.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about Jack on this blog, mainly because I don’t lock many entries up, but I’ll explain the situation, as best I can coz nothing is ever simple in my life!! We’d been seeing each other for about 2 months, we both agreed we didn’t want a relationship. I basically wanted someone to booty call and Jack is hot in bed, so it was great. But somewhere along the lines, Jack felt that it was getting too much like a relationship. And he decided that he wanted to get close to me as a friend and he couldn’t do that if we were having sex because it blurrs too many lines. Get it? Probably not, but in there somewhere is something that does make sense. So a week ago he decided on the friends thing. And right after that we had sex. Ok. I have decided I don’t care, I’ll go with it, because either way I win. I get a fantastic friendship with an awesome guy or I get hot sex! ha ha ha ha ha

Anyway on with the story.

Jack was at my side most of the night, hugging me, kissing the top of my head, being damn well lovely. In front of everyone we work with, who didn’t really know what was going on!

It was just the most perfect of nights. The company was fantastic, the conversations, well i have no idea what I did to be honest now I think about it. I think I flitted from one group to the next, grinning inanely like a loon. The photos certainly proved I had my gurning happy face on. But I had a blast.

at ease
now i must say how hot i think this pic is of Jack. There, said it!!!

red light crew
me, gab and jack. Three manic brains in one photo. That’s value for money right there.

then you get the hotness factor that is Danielle. Not to mention she is also a bloody awesome person

Amy, Judy, Jack, Hue and Jess.

Orlando, Danielle, Amy and Romy

Gez and I, we’re having a pierce off soon, to see who can get the most piercings 😉

I’m not even sure what time we ended up leaving. I remember it hitting 1am then the next time I actually saw the time it was 6.30am and Jack and I were cuddled up outside, having dragged the couch out. He told me how much he loved me as a friend, he said so many amazing things about me, things I know I am harsh on myself about. We talked about our situation, it’s still limbo land, he said sleeping with each other placed too much expectation on the friendship.

Then we went and had the hottest, dirtiest sex we’ve ever had. Phwoar!

I left there at 7pm tonight and crawled into my house, ate for the first time in 36 hours and listened to tunes.

Now I have no idea why I’m still awake but i’m not bothered. I feel utter bliss from my night last night.

Though I am kinda wondering when I’m going to get the feeling in the ends of my big toes back. Weird.

~ by Fen on December 15, 2007.

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