me being a __________

My flatmate rang me a few hours ago saying she’s bringing a couple of people over.
I told her that I was battling a migraine and needed a good nights sleep and I’d prefer it if she didn’t.

Fast forward to an hour ago when her plus about 6 other people barged in through the front door.

So, in front of them all, i turned into a proper cunt.
I told her she had a midnight curfew and then everyone had to be out.
I told her I have a fucking migraine and that I needed sleep and that her cat had kept me awake all night (which he had).
I told her I didn’t appreciate the fact that she’d lied to me.

Fuck her, no actually, don’t, she sleeps around enough as it is.

I can barely see out of my left eye, it’s watering like a fountain… and I can feel the pressure mounting in my head. I hope this doesn’t go into a full blown migraine 😦 No wonder I’ve had a lot of auras and have been so tired the last few days. UGH!

On the upside, I just ordered the box set of series 2 of Doctor Who. I have series 3 on my laptop and I desperately wanted to see series 2 again. I was going to bitorrent it, however we’re 2 weeks in to our d/l month and we’re already nearly capped, so I got it off ebay. Hurry to my doorstep little dvds.


~ by Fen on January 1, 2008.

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