Worst day of work

Got in, 45 calls in queue. Normally we hover around 25 at the most.
2 hours in our servers failed and we had nothing to work with for 2 hours.
That doesn’t mean we can’t take calls though, no, so we have to explain to customers who’d been on hold for 45 mins that we could do next to nothing for them.

Systems back up and 30+ calls in queue til well after 10pm

I leave at 11.30 and apart from rostered breaks, I’ve done nothing but take calls.

Normally after 7pm it dies down and you can arse about.

Not today, no.

To top it all off I had massive period pains and a brain that was mush.

To the 23 people who called in sick, leaving us with a skeleton staff, eat my faeces.


~ by Fen on January 2, 2008.

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