it’s 40 degrees outside…

so Meeks and I are flaked out on the couch, watching Dr Who.
Unfortunately I have to go to work at 5pm, or maybe it’s fortunate, coz the heat isn’t going to abate til tomorrow.

Tamika had her first vet visit today, to get a booster shot.
She wailed in the car, but once at the vets she was very well behaved and didn’t even flinch at the needle.

The vet looked at her teeth, she has double rows of some of them coz her adult teeth are coming through. He thought it was very cute. That explains why everything is a chew toy for her at the moment. So cute.

Anyway, my get ready for work alarm just went off, time for a long cool shower and to get ready for work. I have to buy myself a diary today, i keep forgetting and I need to write all my dates down.

I’ll leave you all with yet another Meeky picture, how can I refuse taking pics of this little terror?

another bloody cat picture


~ by Fen on January 10, 2008.

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