weekend and lethargy

I am finding it increasingly difficult to do anything.
I had a horror week at work, nothing drastic, it was just so busy that I walked out of there Thursday wanting to collapse, feeling like a zombie.

I caught up with Ang last night which was wonderful and I have done sweet FA today because I have no energy reserves. I think I am overdue a B12 injection, so that could be why too.

I did clean out the cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter wasn’t there, I think he’s gone to Hogwarts.

I also took a photo (hang on, I’m always taking photos!!), inspired by my anime hair.

an anime kinda day

I hope everyone is well, I have been reading LJ in little grabs, but I’m generally too brain dead to comment.

Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister and my Dad, who are both celebrating their birthdays today. xoxox


~ by Fen on February 23, 2008.

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