late summer goodness

After having a rip snort of a start to summer, February was dismal and barely warm. However March is proving to be what February should have been. Stinking hot. Today was 37 degrees, yesterday was 33 and apart from tomorrows lowly 26, the rest of the week is mid to high 30’s. Whee!!

So of course I have been beaching it up, trying to get some relaxation in between work and uni.


Ang came with me

lost the point

I also did a little bit of night photography, just coz I could
a splash of blue

Tonight I have bad ovary pain again and am furious with myself that I didn’t get my prescription for panadeine forte filled. Such a ninny. I really should book in for that ultrasound, but heck, I’m not sure when i’ll be able to fit it in, as it is the only free day I have is Saturdays 😐


~ by Fen on March 10, 2008.

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