friday – it’s hot and it’s windy and nasty

Had my ultrasound this morning, it was ok. It didn’t hurt (which i didn’t think it would) but it was uncomfortable, kinda like my insides were a bit red raw. She said the results will be back Monday arvo, so that’s nice and quick.

Gotta go to work soon.
It’s forecast to be 40 degrees today and it’s already stinking hot and blowing a gale.
I’ll be back out in it again in under an hour, oh the joys 🙂

It looks like i’ll be going part time at work, instead of casual. They cut all the casuals hours next week due to newbies starting. I had a grand total of 18 hours, which is not even enough to pay the rent, let alone eat. On the downside it means i have to work 29 hours a week and do uni at the same time. I get one day off a week, all to myself. I so can’t wait til I’m finished studying, but I’ve got a while to go yet.

Happy weekend everyone, i’ve been reading people’s journals, I generally don’t have time or brain power to comment.

♥ ♥


~ by Fen on March 14, 2008.

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