I went to see Joris Voorn and Aril Brikha at the Prince of Wales last night.


What a night.
Awesome techno and sexy tech-house.
Voorn carved up the floor and had us all cheering and dancing like manic techno bunnies. Aril has his own unique blend of sexy beats and awesome tunes. I had SUCH A GOOD NIGHT. My favourite was Aril Brikha of course, coz I’m biased like that. But boy, all the DJ’s made the night memorable. It felt like one of those parties from back in the good old days when people were there for the music, not the drugs and nonsense. The vibe was amazing.

I got home at 6am this morning and collapsed into bed and slept half the day away!

Now I have homework to do and I so can’t be bothered, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow!!

Aril (he’s tiny)

Spot me in the crowd – hint, i’m the one grinning like an absolute LOON!


~ by Fen on March 24, 2008.

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