I’m doing another of those essays that is like pulling bandaids off really hairy skin!
In other words, I’d rather be doing anything other than attempting it.
But it’s due Monday and as I only have Saturdays free, I have to try get some of it done in my spare hours.

This weekend I have eleventy different things happening, plus this essay to complete. I’m really not sure how I am going to do it. I already feel like locking myself in my room, shutting down all access to the outside world and turning into a hermit. Why are so many people born in March/April (me included). DAMMIT!

Work really sucks. I get no free time to do study. 6 months ago we’d be quiet enough to have a bit of down time. Now we have so much fucking up that we’re constantly behind the 8 ball. I wish I could find a new, less taxing, just as flexible job. But alas it ain’t gonna be the case. And I never want to work retail. So plod along I do.

It’s just started raining again, so I may shut this thing down and let the rain soothe me to sleep. I just remembered my Dad is visiting tomorrow, so i’d best set my alarm a tad earlier.


~ by Fen on March 27, 2008.

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