I didn’t go to uni today, I was sick of feeling dead tired. So I had a big sleep in and spent the afternoon doing work.

Assisted by Tamika and a bottomless mug of tea.


I’ve just caught up on season 4 of Doctor Who, left hanging at the end of the Sontaran episode. That is the problem with watching them almost as they air, you have to wait til next week like everyone else, and I am not patient!!

It’s currently 9.9 degrees outside. Exciting! I love Winter weather, it means boots and scarves and hats and jackets. Aaaah.

We still haven’t heard anything about our housing situation and a big fuck you to the real estate agent. I’ve never met a more useless bunch of morons.

I feel like chocolate, I don’t think I have any 😦


~ by Fen on April 28, 2008.

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