So i was meant to go out for a friend’s 30th tonight, to a nice Thai restaurant.
However I was derailed along the way.
Some guy jumped in front of my train, in between Jewel and Royal Park stations.
I was sitting right up the front of the train and I felt the body go under the first 2 sets of wheels. It wasn’t as much of a bump as I thought it would be.

So we sat on the train for nearly an hour whilst the poor driver radioed for help. The emergency services didn’t turn up for nearly 40 minutes!! Ridiculous really!

So once we were allowed off I figured it was too late for dinner, everyone would have eaten, so I walked the half an hour home.

Now I’m sat here eating bacon, tomato, avocado and mayo on toasted sandwich things, drinking red wine and listening to my Russell Brand podcast.

‘citing, if anything.

* detrain is the slang they use for getting the passengers off the train. I giggled slightly at that!!


~ by Fen on May 3, 2008.

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