sydney road

I love Sydney Road.
Martin and Elie dropped by today and we mooched up and down Sydders Rd. First we had yummy food at the A1 Bakery, then we went to the Meditterranean Supermarket and stocked up on ridiculously cheap pasta and pasta sauces and other stuff. I adore that place. It makes being dirt poor that bit more bearable. I just love all the stuff that has no english labelling on it, I feel like I am shopping in another country. Then we went down to Episode and laughed at all the ‘vintage’ clothing and made Martin try on all sorts of stuff. I found some dresses that I could wear if I was starring in Big Love!!

Earlier today I was walking on the Upfield Bike Path and there was a girl on her bike coming towards me, singing operatically. It was beautiful. There’s always something or someone interesting to see around Brunswick.

Now I’m sipping my bucket of tea and staring at my laptop, willing my essay to be finished. My wireless has stopped working again, my back hurts and I want to curl up in my leather chairs. Damn you wireless *shakes fist*

~ by Fen on May 19, 2008.

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