the yoof of today

You know what sucks. Going out to an old club that was a popular haunt for me a while ago and realising that it is chock full of vacuous barbie types and corey wannabes. Good for a laugh, but after half an hour of seeing scantily clad children wasted off their faces, it gets a bit tedious. It was like an episode of Ladette to Lady but without the laughs. Then later walking to the car, realising that the whole of the city is like this!!! What ever happened to the ‘real’ people. I’ve never felt so disgusted in all my life at the city I live in and used to adore going out in. Last night I vowed never to go out in the city again.

Earlier in the day I was talking to a guy at the bottle shop and he was telling me how kids now drink the food flavourings ie, vanilla essence, coz it has up to 30% alcohol and it is cheaper than alcopops which recently increased in price by 30%. What is the fascination with writing oneself off to that extent, weekend after weekend? Why such agro? Argh. What is this world coming to 😦

I’m not saying that ‘back in my day’ things were any better, however look at the increase in stabbings in the city, the general vibe if you walk around at say 2am. I used to attend Honkytonks back in the day, and we’d be out at all hours, but never did it feel like last night did. Last night there were packs of guys roaming about, their testosterone spiked by alcoholic bevvies, you could tell they were looking for something, who knows what. But I found it really intimidating. And this is me who used to walk about central London by herself late at night. Never once in the 2 years of going out in central London did i feel like that. I can’t put my finger on it, but you could almost feel the undercurrent of agro last night. Even the girls were pushy and shouty and just digusting. Where do these people come from? What do they do during the day, for a living? These people are our future and that scares the pants off me.

I know how my body is broken in various places from drug use in my past, yet these kids are smashing it weekend after weekend, not only on drugs but the worst kind of binge drinking. I wonder in 30 years how our health system will cope hah!

Anywho, it’s not all doom and gloom. I had a lovely night out with friends and today I don’t have to work. Yippee! I’m going to laze about all day and do sweet effing nothing. Just coz I can.

This is Nanna Fen signing off! 😉

I just watched episode 8 of Doctor Who – Silence in the Library. What an episode, what a cliffhanger. I am dying to know what happens next, gah, a whole week of wondering and waiting *squee*

I iz scared of the Vashta Nerada, i might not turn off any lights when i go to bed!! Scared of the dark – am now!!

Donna Noble has left the library…Donna Noble has been saved…



~ by Fen on June 1, 2008.

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