quizzy thing

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My earliest memory is…my cubby house where i first lived

At school I… didn’t really fit in, i was awkward and ugly

My first relationship was…just plain wrong

I don’t like talking about… money

My most treasured possesion is… anything of my Mum’s or that my Mum made

My mother always told me… to be more spiritual

I wish I had… a time travel companion like the Doctor

My most humiliating moment was… finding out my then bf had cheated on me and that she was 3 months pregnant

At home I cook… food!

My happiest moment was….. probably drug induced, but boy it was fun

My last meal would be… something cooked by my Nanna

I’m very bad at… relationships

When I was a child I wanted to be.. a vet

The book that changed my life is… anything by Irvin D Yalom

Its not fashionable but I love.. swanning about in my trakkies

Friends say I am.. strange

The song I’d like played at my funeral is.. One Perfect Sunrise – Orbital

My greatest fear is… losing those close to me

If I only I could… take the advice i give to other people

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was.. telling my Mum it was ok to go as she was breathing her last breaths of life

The last big belly laugh I had was… talking to Dave on the phone

What I don’t find amusing is… people with no common sense

Im always being asked… questions… i dunno actually

Cat or dog? cat

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be… a well looked after cat!

At the moment I’m listening to… The Quiz on 774 ABC Melbourne!

My favourite work of art is… the painting my Mum painted for me

My worst job was… at that place i can’t remember the name of, seriously i’ve blocked it out, it was utter shite!

I often wonder… what my life is like in parallel worlds

I rode home from work tonight, it was 11.45pm and the paths were empty. I was listening to The Presets on my ipod and wooshing along like the wind. It was awesome.

Exercise makes me feel so good, but i really have to push myself at times to get out and do it. I dunno why, it’s like i just lack the confidence to do it, god knows why. I really have to keep pushing myself to continue this. I don’t know if i’ll do it every day to start with, it might kill me!!!

~ by Fen on June 24, 2008.

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