work sucks, i know

work has been kicking me in the bum bum this week, i’m hating on it with a passion
it’s been busy and 80% of the people calling in have been morons who don’t listen to anything you tell them
makes me want to poke myself in the eyes with pins, i think it would be more fun

that said, it’s a short one for me, as tomorrow is my last day for the week, then i have a 3 day weekend, wheee!!

it’s 1.10am and i’m roasting veggies in the oven for lunch tomorrow and snacks for the next few days. it smells divine. the boys will probably dream of roasts!!

capitals suck when you can’t be bothered

i’ve only ridden once this week, i was all set to ride today until i realised that it was blowing an absolute gale outside. i’d have ended up in darwin. i just checked the forecast for tomorrow and they’re predicting gales again, boo. maybe i’ll wake up and it will be fine and sunny!

we’re changing our phone and internet over to a new provider, well we’re in the process of doing it. i’m crossing my fingers that nothing happens before this weekend, so i can d/l the new episode of doctor who on sunday morning. otherwise i may just run about shouting like a banshee. we’re going to be without internet for up to a week, what’s the bet it all happens before the final episode is safely on my hard drive. eeeeeeeeeeek. there isn’t even any connections to leech wireless from around here, damn secure networks. i don’t think i’ve been quite so excited and agitated about an impending tv show ever. ha ha!

right, off to check the status of my delicious roast veggies. ta ta.

~ by Fen on June 26, 2008.

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