it drizzled

I rode to work today and it drizzled the whole time I rode home. The water was dripping off the pointy bit of my helmet but I didn’t mind. I listened to the Run Lola Run soundtrack as I swished through the wet streets. My legs still feel chilly but they’re warm to touch. Interesting.

So I purchased a new ipod a couple of days ago. I am 98% in love with it. I just don’t like its scroll wheel, it seems to work kinda intermittently, or maybe I can only work it some of the time. Haven’t decided which yet. What I do love is the fact that I can put tv shows, movies etc on it. Yes the screen is rather small, but the picture is very good and it makes work that tiny bit more bearable. Needless to say, Doctor Who episodes are currently being encoded so they can be uploaded to it! However the introduction of album art has flared my obsessive nature and I can feel the need to track down every piece of album art for every single album I own, just so my collection is complete. More late nights for me!!

I’ve almost come to a decision regarding my study for next semester. I’m pretty sure I am going to go back on Austudy and try to live off the meagre allowance it is, plus whatever you can earn on top of that. I need to get enough money from my tax return to pay an extra month of rent up front and I think I’ll be able to manage it. I will be ultra ultra povo for that time, but it’s better than having a mental breakdown half way through. I think.

The roof of my mouth is furry, I really hate that feeling. I want to go brush my teeth but it’s warm here and I can’t be bothered moving. I will do it before bed.

Hopefully will be in Melbs this weekend and I’ll get to catch up with her, I can’t wait, it’s literally been years. Hurrah!


~ by Fen on July 4, 2008.

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