weekend wanderings of my synapses

I’ve had a lovely weekend so far. However this is all about to change as I have to go into work in a couple of hours. Tedium!

Today I’ve been doing homework and housework and listening to my ipod. I’m comfortably holed up in my own world, the space that is my bedroom. The Moo wanders in and out, laying on me for cuddles or attacking her feather stick toy. I’ve been blissfully unaware of the world outside.

Yesterday was a mixed bag of a day. I did some homework, did a load of washing, rode to the supermarket for food and got drenched by a downpour on the way home and had Martin over for dinner. It was a relaxed, fun night and I am once again reminded of how much i will miss him when he’s gone.

We took some odd photos:

One of the peculiarities of The Moo is her personality at times. She’ll be lying on the bed, watch me walk in and she’ll meep at me and roll over as if to say “Oh hai Mum, here I am, I want pettins”. Then she does this:
nom nom nom

Nom nom nom on my hand or arm. She never hurts me, but it makes me laugh at her odd ways.

Finally, this photo sums up the way I feel about myself at the moment, washed out, grainy and tired. It’s a feeling I can’t shake lately and I’m looking forward to not feeling this way.


~ by Fen on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “weekend wanderings of my synapses”

  1. You always look beautiful. My mother-in-law’s cat sucks on her arm when he cuddles with her.

  2. ha ha! My Dad’s cat licks hands and faces, she’s an odd one!

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