there really are angels

I’ve been really out of sorts this last week, forgetting things, being clumsy, so it was no surprise to myself when I almost didn’t make it to my long awaited appointment today.

I left the home with an hour to spare, so that I wouldn’t be late and didn’t have to hurry. As I was walking up the road I saw a city bound train cross the road. I figured that they must be running late today. At the same time, Willy pulled alongside me in the Hope Street bus and motioned for me to jump on. My first angel for the day. He is a darling, so of course I got on and greeted him with a big smile and hello. I sat at the front and chatted before leaning forward to validate my ticket. That’s when I saw the time on the ticket machine. 3:03pm. “Your clocks fast Willy, it’s not that late”. “No, it is that time” says Willy and points to another clock in the bus. I check my watch, it is saying 2.25pm. I pull out my phone, the display says 15:04. My stomach drops to my feet as I realise my watch has lost almost an hour of time. I laugh, what more can I do. I get off the bus at the end of the route and jump on a tram to the nearest ATM to get some cash. Then I step back out onto the road and hail the taxi that has just appeared. My second angel for the day.

I make it to my appointment 15 minutes late, however I’d rung them and warned them and they were fine with it. I sit down and breathe deeply, calming my frazzled nerves.

I didn’t have to wait too long before a doctor called me in to her office. She took an extensive history of my problem, as well as any other medical issues I had. We talked about all sorts of possibilities, but the main being that my fibroid is not what is causing my pain, I may have endometriosis or something else yet undetected. She booked me in for another ultrasound in October followed by an appointment to discuss the results. Their equipment and expertise means they are more able to see issues than any imaging place. She also said that the endo may not show up on the ultrasound and that we may have to do laparascopic surgery later on. She agreed that the pain I experience is quite severe and hinders my daily life. My third angel for the day. We talked about many things, my study, genetic counselling for bowel cancer, grief and counselling, my family, she gave me a pap smear and checked my breasts. I walked out of there feeling confident that I was getting top notch care. The appointment took an hour and a half and was extremely thorough.

I wandered back home, via a packed tram and a stroll up the bike path and safeway. Whilst I have no answers still, I now feel like I am being cared for by people who know what they’re doing, who have plans of action, rather than giving me pain killers and sending me away again.


~ by Fen on August 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “there really are angels”

  1. That’s really great! It is so comforting when you find a doctor that actually listens.

  2. yeah it really is, i feel more relaxed about it all now.

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