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She Took Her Own Picture, the book that my photos are a part of, is now for sale, click this link for more details. Available for a limited 60 days only.



She Took Her Own Picture

44 female artists from across the world have come together online to self-publish a collection of photographic self portraits

The group of women, most whom have never met each other, have collaborated through a photo-sharing website where they share their work online, to produce a book of their self-portraits.

She Took Her Own Picture: Selections from the Female Self Portrait Artists’ Support Group will be available this Friday, 12th September 2008. The unique venture comes as a first for women’s photographic self-portraiture today.

Self-publishing the book through Blurb.com, the artists hope the book will serve as a prototype to target suitable art publishers and make the book available on a wider basis, with the aim of donating a percentage of the profits to women’s causes.

The participants, both amateurs and professionals, range in age and origin and hail from North and Latin America, the UK and Ireland, Australia, the Caribbean, Oceania, and all over Europe. These 44 women however, are only a small percentage of over 1000 female self-portrait artists who congregate in the Female Self Portrait Artists’ Support Group, a group on Flickr started by Laurel Fiszer from Ireland, where the idea for a book of work first began. The group was set up to provide a “collective of women photographers who strengthen their friendship by sharing inspired, artistic, and well-executed photographs”.

“Laurel’s primary goal,” says Natalie J. McCarthy, writer of the introduction to the book, “was to create a place online where female photographers could share self-portraits and receive constructive criticism in a supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment.
“She noticed that female self-portrait photographers were often seen as narcissistic princesses who had to defend their work against an onslaught of criticism—most of which was not directed toward the photograph’s technical merits.”

The group argues that the female self-portrait has proved to offer women artists a powerful opportunity: the chance to categorically refute antiquated notions of the woman’s role as an art object, and to create a new, empowered vision of the female model. She Took Her Own Picture, whilst constructed upon this feminist foundation, also presents a collection of first-rate photography.

“At the end of the day”, says McCarthy, “they bring you into their circle of friends and share their art with you”.

I’m really excited and as I already have my own copy I can say that this book is really well done and the photos are just magnificent.

And now I have to go back to preparing for my exam in an hour and a half!!


~ by Fen on September 12, 2008.

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