alone time

Things I miss about living alone:

  • Walking around the house naked
  • Going to the toilet with the door open
  • Showering with the door open so the house becomes infused with my shower products – I tend to prefer really nice smelling ones, I sniff everything before I purchase it.
  • Being able to soak in the bath for ages, with the door open, listening to music that is echoing down the hallway to the bathroom
  • Being able to walk about in my dressing gown and not have to worry if it accidentally falls open or I bend over inappropriately
  • Singing to myself, madly, badly, loudly, stupidly
  • Talking to myself without being quizzed about it
  • Watching what I want to watch on the tv
  • Putting the heater on when I am cold, not when it’s deemed to be cold enough by popular opinion
  • Lying in bed til stupid o’clock and not feeling guilty about it/being eyed curiously when you do finally get out of bed
  • Not having to answer to anyone but myself, or the cat

Once upon a time I could afford to live by myself, I hope one day I get ample opportunity to do it again. Paradox though… coz I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life!

I caught up with an old friend today, someone I hadn’t seen since before I left to live in the UK. That other life time ago. And I hope that we catch up again in the near future.

I’ve had a few different life times. Sometimes even I have to stop and wonder if I’ve done all those things. But I have and it all makes for interesting stories, if I can be bothered telling them. Like did I tell you about when I used to fly….helicopters? hah!

~ by Fen on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “alone time”

  1. oh yes living alone is amazing! i only got to do it for 6 months, but it was lovelybut you know what, even when living with a partner its ok because its sort of the same, you can do all those things and when they annoy you you can just tell them to fuck off i need some me time, without all the flatmate drama that followsso really, what sucks is living with flatmates. no matter who good they are its so hard to find your space!

  2. yeh agreed on the partner thing! At least I have a big room with balcony that I can retreat to, hooray!

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