I’m about to lose my cool with Centrelink in a BIG way.
A really really big way.
It’s been TWO months and I’m STILL waiting for my rental assistance.
I rang just now, they received my “forms” two weeks ago and still haven’t processed them.
I enquire as to whether they will backpay me as it was their initial fuck up(s) that caused this issue.
Probably not, the guy on the phone says.
Excuse me, says me, none of what has happened has been my fault, I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me, it’s not my fault no one seems to get anything right.
I’ll get someone to ring you back in the next 3 hours.
Sure I say, mentally telling myself to be calm and not explode.
I won’t hold my breath, I’m sure I’ll be in for yet another fucking battle.
I’m so very much over dealing with these incompetent arseholes. I’ve not once shouted, nor been rude, I’ve done everything they’ve ever asked of me.
But so help them if they don’t backpay me, I will shout and rant and rave, fuck it, being nice obviously gets you NO WHERE.

I just had a phone call from a very apologetic man who said that I would be getting my rental assistance PLUS the back pay into my bank account tomorrow. PHEW! I’m so relieved. See what a bit of a rant does 😉

The milky bars are on me!

~ by Fen on September 25, 2008.

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