It always makes my heart ache when I hear about things happening with my friends overseas, whether it be good or bad and I can’t be there for them.

Tonight I found out that one of my best friends and former housemate Emma was hit by a taxi last night. She’s ok, she was laughing over the phone earlier as she recounted her night. I just feel so very far away when things like this happen. I’d give anything to be there with her, bringing her tea and biscuits and making her laugh at herself.

This is a pic of me and her, from when I lived in London. We were absolutely mad together, with or without alcohol, it didn’t matter. Our personalities just bounced off each other constantly.


She would be one of the most amazing, genuine, beautiful souls I have ever met. I’d give anything for that girl.

I had a brilliant day today. I was all set, around lunch time to go out and get things accomplished today. The weather was divine. I got a phone call from Matt and spent the afternoon lying on the “grass” at the Retreat, drinking vodka and eating calamari. Perfect. It was a sexy 28 degrees today, the sun was utter bliss.

~ by Fen on September 27, 2008.

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