a Monday full of procrastination

….much like the weekend really!

I have this week off uni, supposedly a mid semester break, but hardly so when uni actually finishes in 3 weeks. I have loads due next week, so I am supposedly doing it all this week. So far I have done my very best to thwart those plans. The weekend consisted of me sat on my arris in the sun as much as I could. There may have been some partaking in herbal remedies and you tubing of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, followed by taking ridicularse photos of oneself. I struggle to remember anything else I did, apart from sleep and eat. Homework just didn’t eventuate much at all.

So today I woke up and in my mind decided that I’d get stuck into my homework today. It’s nearly 8pm and I’ve done eff all in reality. I downloaded my weeks podcasts, listened to some of them, emailed some friends, ate food, talked to the cat, listened to music, rode to the shops and that’s about it. Oh I also looked up the numbers for taxis in Brussels because Martin’s lost the internet and needed one for his job interview. HAH!

Maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day?

And in late breaking news:

  • I officially love Simon Amstell (yes I know he’s gay, I’m always loving gay boys)
  • I am also addicted to you tubing Never Mind the Buzzcocks to hear Simon and his acerbic tongue
  • If i was getting as much sex as my alter ego in my dream life, then I’d be officially “on fire”
  • My boobs hurt
  • We’ve sold 60+ copies of our photography book
  • Summer is coming
  • Nancy will be here in 59 days, hooray
  • I need a stylist to take me clothes shopping as I hate finding clothes that suit me

Simon Amstell

The reason I don’t get any work done

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, it was an exercise we did in our group therapy class the other week. People had to write down something positive about you, I found it really inspiring. I guess, like a lot of people, I often focus on my negatives. Well here’s living proof that I do have good aspects to me. šŸ™‚


~ by Fen on September 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “a Monday full of procrastination”

  1. confident .. open .. honest .. such powerful words my dear friend. Take them in & be proud of who you are cause your wonderful ..xoxoxox

  2. thank you darling xoxo

  3. pie what are podcasts?i live in a world of no ipod :$

  4. you don’t have to have an ipod to listen to a podcast, you can just d/l the file and listen to it on any media player. Mine are radio shows that I don’t listen to in real time, so I d/l the podcast and listen to it in my time. I have quite a few now that I listen to!!

  5. oh and they’re not always radio shows, i do get some resident advisor ones that are dance music sets!

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