Hump Day Darlings

Which also means that my “week off” is half over. Glass half empty!!

My sister stayed over last night as she was off to Tassie early this morning. I always enjoy spending time with her as I don’t get to see her half as often as I would like. So I just soak up her presence like a sponge. I made us dinner and we lounged about in bed, checking out random things on the internet and watching rubbish tv. Lovely indeed.

Today I have felt exhausted and bleh. I’ve been having weird pains in my abdomen… not like my usual pain which is good, but still a tad sinister. I’m due my period next week, so it will be interesting to see how being on the pill effects that. Now I have my health care card I might pop up to the doctors and get a B12 blood test and injection if need be. My hospital appointment is in 2 weeks tomorrow, it can’t come soon enough for me.

I got the results of the exam I sat a couple of weeks ago, I passed reasonably well which is good news. I’m still battling along with my assignments that are due next week. I’m currently waiting on someone else to send me what she’s done for one of them, I honestly don’t like doing assignments with other people, I prefer to do it under my own steam. My essay, well it’s a nightmare on steroids, but whinging ain’t gonna get it done either.

My room is currently full of the gorgeous aroma of freesias. I adore these flowers, they have the best smell ever. The fragrance reminds me of my childhood days, I used to go next door to Sue’s house and pick freesias out of her garden in spring and put them in my room, or later in my own house. Later, after everyone had moved I used to get Nan to pick me bunches out of her garden and I’d have them in vases throughout my house. There’s no better smell in my opinion than a room full of freesias.


And in sad news, some dimwitted person spray painted an ugly tag over the top of my fave piece of graffiti – Mr Grumpy. He is no longer, all that remains is part of his foot 😦
I can no longer greet his grumpy little face each time I walk past.

mr grumpy


~ by Fen on October 1, 2008.

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