I’m sat here trying to find the motivation to finish an essay and instead i’m listening to Jane’s Addiction, singing badly to myself and watching video podcasty things. I rule at procrastination once again.

To be honest, after sitting through 3 hours of presentations in class tonight I feel rather drained and brain dead. Not to mention the fact that my eyes are currently out of order, whether I put my glasses on or not.

I’ve got just under 2 weeks of uni left and I realised today how much damn work I’m going to have to plow through in that time. Joy of joys. But it also means I may have something resembling a life at the end of it all. Life? What on earth is that? It also means I will be able to ramp my hours up at work, though I have decided I’m going to do a max. of 20 per week, as I really do hate my job at the best of times. I know I could change jobs, but this one fits in around uni, they’re really good with me chopping and changing my hours and well, I know it back to front and inside out. I really can’t be effed finding another one and learning all new things again. Besides, I do love some of the people I work with.

So 20 hours it will be and I will attempt to resurrect my social life over summer. Maybe I should hire some new friends. Now that Martin has gone and everyone else has disappeared, got partners/had babies or moved overseas my list of people to hang out with has decreased somewhat. I had a terrible realisation the other day that with Martin gone, my lift to the beach on weekends has also gone. That has struck fear into my heart, as going without the beach is like going without oxygen – not sustainable!!! I’ll work something out, I’m currently learning how to hotwire cars and I’m also on the look out for a sugar mummy/daddy!!!!

I’ve been watching downloads of Secret Diary of a Call Girl a lot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that my friendship with Martin is just like the one between Hannah and Ben. But we don’t sleep together accidentally like they did!!! Honestly, there are quite a few parallels. I wish I had her wardrobe though, I wish I had clothes fullstop. Have I said recently how old and pathetic all my clothes are getting. I need a stylist to take me shopping. PRONTO!!!

On that note, I’m off to bed, to rest these broken eyes of mine, hopefully to get up earlyish tomorrow to get stuck into my work again.

I’ll leave you with kitteh spam. The moo has just arrived, searching for hugs and attention. Aaah the life of a cat.

more kitteh spam


~ by Fen on October 13, 2008.

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