Modified taste

Two entries in one day, super!

I’ve taken a liking to black tea lately, or in other words, tea without milk. I think it’s another thing on the list of how my taste has changed as I’ve gotten older. I was going to say matured, but I hardly think that is the case. I still consider myself an absolute mad sweet tooth, however I now have a more appreciative savoury side to balance it all out!

Chocolate in one hand, salt & vinegar chips in the other 😉

I was going to do a list of things that I now eat or drink that I wouldn’t have touched in the past, however my brain failed miserably. I could only come up with chamomile tea, sardines, anchovies and that was it. FAIL. I know there’s loads more coz I constantly marvel at how my tastes have changed. In both men and women 😉


~ by Fen on October 30, 2008.

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