Exam #3 over. Multiple choice were ok, short answer were gross.

One more to go.

I’m so over it.

  • how many times does one have to unsubscribe from a feed before it actually disappears off your list. Ridiculous really!! I’m up to four and counting
  • i have an upside down cat in my arms who is dreamily kneading at the air ♥
  • you know when someone crosses a line, goes down that path that most people wouldn’t dare go down, and well, fucks your ex basically. Yeah? That makes you feel pretty damn hurt and betrayed. By both people in question. I thought this girl was an acquaintance, maybe a friend, i dunno. As for my ex, well he’s damn lucky we’re still even talking. There’s just some things that you should never do, and fucking someone’s ex, is one of them. I’d almost forgotten about it until I was reminded of it a few days ago. And now the seething fury bubbles in my stomach again. I can’t be bothered with it really, but I also can’t believe that SHE of all people would have done such a thing and HE thought it was ok too. Fuck people are arseholes. No wonder I want to be a recluse, at least you don’t get hurt that way. I’ve known about this for a long time and that wasn’t the first time it happened, but I’m venting, fuck you both.
  • hah! I’ve had a horrible ulcer, about half an inch from my labret, for four days now and it shows no sign of going away. Ew.
  • it’s been almost a year since i last had sex, that realisation almost made me tear up.
  • I’ve watched both Neighbours and Home & Away tonight in an attempt to erase the memory of my exam from my brain, so far so good.
  • vodka, lemon, lime & bitters = teh love

~ by Fen on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “yuk”

  1. I can deal with one load of crap in my life at any time, kind of deal with two, and any more than that turns me into an erratic nutbar. You’ve got a whole list there, woman! Go pet your cat.

  2. ha ha ha I’ve been petting her like mad, she’s starting to go bald ;)*giggles*

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