This is an attempt at putting in words, on “paper” my feelings about this country I call home and the people that inhabit it.

A warning first off, this will contain a lot of generalisations, a lot of ranting and maybe some swears. Don’t think that I hate this country, I love it and it’s unique way, I just feel that I don’t fit in here like I used to.

It all started years ago with Martin, my ex. He used to rant about how us Australians were strange. It bothered him a lot. In my ignorance, I stuck up for my home country, told him he was just stupid and to shut up! But two years ago, when I came home from living in the U.K. I began to experience just what he was on about.

We’re a friendly bunch, us Aussies, or at least that’s how we like to be perceived. Sure, we’ll show people a good time and pretend we like you for a day or two, but if you dare try to join our clique, look out. That’s not how it works here. Apathy? You got it, we can’t be bothered with much, our lives are too busy and too full of stuff. You want me to come 10 minutes up the road to have a coffee? Forget it!!

My friends in the U.K. used to travel 4 hours plus on a train to come down for the weekend and never batted an eyelid. They’d bake cakes and slices and bring their finest hash. And in return I’d show up with a dozen Krispy Kreme’s and a hard drive full of music, or I’d roll out the mattress on the only available space on my floor and not mind if they stayed a week. There was an easy going give and take with these people, unselfish and most of all, accepting.

Go out to a local pub or club here, don’t expect to have awesome conversation with random strangers all night, nuh uh, I’m sorry, we don’t do that in this country. We’re far too cool and aloof for that. Besides, we already have a bunch of friends, we don’t need any more.

I turned up in the U.K. all by myself, not knowing anyone. Within a week I’d found a heap of people who had welcomed me with open arms, who would show me around London at the drop of a hat, who would lend me their last tenner if I asked for it.

I guess I have struggled since I got home with the general air of apathy and better than thou attitude that comes with people in this country. I don’t have a car, so I can’t get about like I used to. But I will ride or catch public transport. However people simply don’t seem to want to make the effort to catch up or even communicate. Sometimes I feel it is an indication of their feeling towards me, but in all honesty I know this is not the case. People are just far too caught up in their busy, important lives. They’re getting married, having kids and I no longer fit into their mould. They’re buying houses, something I did when I was 22 and decided against before I went overseas. Material possessions aren’t me.

In the end I guess what this says is that I need to find people more like me, but this apathy seems to be growing and consuming everyone.


~ by Fen on November 6, 2008.

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