November is disappearing

I booked my bike in to get a basket fitted on the back, I can’t do it til next Friday, that’s the 21st already, where on earth did this year get to?

We had some brilliant storms overnight. I sat on my balcony with my camera ready, alas most of the lightning was down south or up north and my view is west. I did catch one little bit of lightning which i am proud of!

from a balcony series

With some luck we’ll have more storms and I’ll be out there with my camera pointed at the sky…waiting.

I’ve been so very lazy the last 2 days. Yesterday was hot and windy and I had terrible hayfever so I loafed around indoors, chatting to the cat, doing as little as possible. I’m still getting used to not having any study to do, in my mind I keep thinking crap, gotta read through stuff. But no, it’s done!!

I think I want to have some poached eggs on toast. Yum.


~ by Fen on November 14, 2008.

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