I’m sat here, staring blankly into space, listening to a newly downloaded Resident Advisor Podcast – Lee Burridge. It’s enjoyable, very cruisy and laid back. I remember going to see Burridge years ago, at Seven nightclub. Martin and I nicknamed him Lee Porridge that night, he was so boring and rubbish, we left early and complained the whole way home. It’s good to see he’s improved since that night!

We are having the most shocking weather today, very wet, very cold and very windy. I think the temperature reached a grand total of 14 degrees at around 2pm *shivers*. I nicked up to the shop after consulting the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather radar. I wanted to test out my new basket on my bike and I had cabin fever after being confined indoors all day long. I made it there and back without being rained on, and 2 minutes after I arrived home the heavens opened again. Phew! At least we’re not experiencing the huge storms that QLD has been battered by, though I do love a good storm!

So I have nothing to do tonight and even if I did I don’t think I’d want to venture out. It’s currently 10 degrees and raining once again. If I had red wine and an open fireplace I’d lounge around in front of it, but no, we have rubbish central heating. How unromantic!

————– ok so that was last night ———————

I knew doing nothing all day yesterday was a mistake. I didn’t couldn’t go to sleep last night, I lay there listening to Harry Potter on audiobook for hours. In the end it must have been around 4am that I finally nodded off, then I woke up at 6am, ready to face the world. WTF! So I did my very best to go back to sleep and eventually got out of bed at 11.30am after the worlds worst nights sleep. Hmpff.

At least I had a delish breakfast of poached eggs on toast.

I think when I stop riding (ie, riding to work and back, which is an 11km round trip) my body gets sad. Obviously I need to be more active now. If only all this exercise I’m doing would make a difference to my saddle bags. Middle age spread be gone *shakes fist*


~ by Fen on November 23, 2008.

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