waiting, oh the waiting…

Space Shanty by Leftfield is currently rocking my slippers off! I’m a rather cool Nanna if I do say so myself!!

I’ve taken a little visit to the gods of creation, whilst it’s cold there, they’ve loaded me up with all kinds of beauty. It’s a very relaxing place to visit.

I am feeling suspiciously hungry. But when I think about it I haven’t actually eaten since brunch at about 12.30pm today, so really, maybe I should find something to devour. The main issue I can see here is finding something satisfactory to consume. Thankfully an alternate issue was resolved due to the fact that I’m currently sitting on Big Red – my big red imitation leather desk chair. It has wheels, can travel.

The world finds out who the new Doctor Who will be at 5.45pm (in the UK!). I’ve had sufficient time to get used to the fact that David Tennant is leaving and whilst I’ll still be heartbroken when he leaves, I have a spark of excitement at the impending announcement. I’m hoping for Adrian Lester, from Hustle, but I don’t really think it will be him. That may just be my dream 🙂


At this point in time I can’t even remember how many hours the UK are behind us! Woops. As much as I’d like to download Confidential and watch the announcement myself, I will probably go on the Doctor Who forums and find out from there. Eek! It’s always amusing to read the speculation and rumours, though some people obviously need to get lives as they take it way way waaaaaay too seriously.

You know what’s disappointing these days? Lack of manners, old fashioned manners. I’m all for being independant and all that shit, but what happened to manners? Case in point. I recently went away, not by myself, and it was ME who paid for 99% of the expenses. There were no offers of halvies, or anything else. Who does that? Who also just doesn’t help out when loading or unloading the car? HUH? I’m not going to ask, nor am I going to nag, but the minute someone does this to me I know that our friendship is on shaky ground. To me this is common sense, manners, chivalry, whatever. If you don’t show me gratitude when it’s due then you can rack off out of my space, I’m not going to appreciate you no matter what you do.

Yes, I can be a bit of a control freak, I’ve come to realise this a lot more recently. But I’m not that bad. I’m not domineering and I’m always open to discussion and suggestion.

the blue hour

The Wandering Wig has paid a visit to Australia this week. I’ve been madly trying to come up with the inspiration to take some decent shots with it!


~ by Fen on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “waiting, oh the waiting…”

  1. So true, Fen – even things as basic and “Please” and “Thank you” seem to be rapidly going by the wayside. It’s a sad indictment of society.

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