it’s a date

One of my resolutions this year, whether it be a new year one or just one in general, was to cook more. So far I’ve done a killer potato salad (no really, it was damn tasty) and that’s about it for new stuff. However today I splashed out and bought some lamb and made a warm lamb salad. It was rather delicious indeed.

The postman bought me some exciting news today, a letter containing the date for my exploratory surgery. I will be going into hospital on the 24th February, so just over 5 weeks. I’m really glad to have a concrete date now, something I can work towards, just having that date makes me feel a whole lot happier.

Yesterday was a stinking 37 degrees, I rode to work around 3pm and it wasn’t too severe, the movement of the air kept me from sweating too badly, though when I stopped the sweat started up with a vengeance. When I rode home at 11.30pm it was still 31 degrees. It got to an annoying 28 over night and thankfully the cool change blew through at around 10am making it all bearable again.

This Friday we can pick our class times for uni this year, eeek, where did the break go? That means that uni is only ’round the corner somewhere, though I’m not actually sure when we go back. It will be an interesting year, that’s for certain.

~ by Fen on January 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “it’s a date”

  1. I cook just about every meal now. It is nice. Your surgery is on my birthday. I really hope you get answers and that you feel better. Care to share your potato salad recipe?

  2. Hooray for a concrete date! Wonderful! Would love to hear of your potato salad recipe Fenz!

  3. oh ladies it's dead simpleCook zee potatoes til they're soft, but not mushy (i cut them to size before i cook them coz it makes it faster).Then when they've cooled down a bit i add Thomy (egg) mayonaise, sour cream & dijon mustard. I use more mayonnaise than anything, and mix the sour cream and mustard and add, it all becomes a taste test til I decide the flavour is good!! Then I fry up some bacon bits and chuck them in, add some spring onion and some chopped up chives. Voila. Dead easy but really tasty. I was going to do some tonight but i forgot the bacon bits. Grrrr.

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