Ol’ Russ Coming To Melbourne!!!

I just found out that Russell Brand is coming to Melbourne in March. That makes me so unbelievably happy. I am going to see Dylan Moran in April and now Russ is going to perform as well. WOOHOO!!

I’ve been watching a bit of tennis on the TV, if I had money I’d go to the actual matches, but alas. Last night I watched Jelena Dokic win over 17th seed Anna Chakvetadze. It was a nerve wracking match, but I was so proud of Jelena’s win. She’s come back after years in the darkness, battling depression, freeing herself from her controlling father, who in return took all her money. I really hope she does well, she sure deserves it.

The weather has been pretty scorching the last few days. I had lunch with Dad today and as we drove home I commented on how red the atmosphere seemed. Two minutes later the radio announced that there were dust storms, bushfires and massive winds. Needless to say I holed up inside until well after the cool change hit.




~ by Fen on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “Ol’ Russ Coming To Melbourne!!!”

  1. Awesome. I was podcasting his radio show until…..well, you know….the man is insane but insanely funny at the same time. I’m there! Hell, what’s not to like about the Comedy Festival eh?

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