Australia Day

I hate working public holidays. For starters, where I work, casuals don’t get paid any extra. Secondly, there are always loads of people that call in sick. Thirdly, you always get more than your fair share of cockheads ringing in.

Unfortunately I was sick for 3 weeks and didn’t get into work to put my availability in for this week, hence I was rostered on for today. Crap.

Of course we had a TL on that possesses no foresight. So when it was quiet early he sent a load of people home, not thinking it may just get busy later on. Of course we got slammed from 8pm and when I left at 11pm there were still 10+ calls in queue, which is big for us at that hour, even considering we do Sydney at that hour.


In weather related news I’m sure if you don’t live in Melbourne you’ll be excited to see our forecast for the next few days:

Min: 15°C Max: 38°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 25°C Max: 41°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 26°C Max: 40°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 24°C Max: 40°C
UV: Extreme

Mostly sunny
Min: 24°C Max: 40°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 23°C Max: 31°C
UV: Extreme

Possible shower
Min: 23°C Max: 30°C
UV: Extreme

Tonight is the last night of decent sleep to be had for over a week. I think I’ll try to get 12 hours in while I can!!! I don’t know what i am going to do on those days, as our house gets hot pretty quickly. Public transport will epic fail in the first day or so, so that counts out beach, maybe i’ll ride to Coburg pool and join the millions trying to keep cool. Works gonna suck, but thankfully i’m only in tomorrow then not again til Sunday. People get impatient and cranky in the heat.

I get a bit worried about Dad living up in the Dandenongs in this weather, but I suppose we survived one lot of bushfires, it can be done again. Though the last ones were 16 years ago. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that.

~ by Fen on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Australia Day”

  1. Hot weather would mean less calls? Although the busier you are the quicker the time goes.

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