sunday boredom

Today was gorgeous. I rode up to Barky Square this morning and if it weren’t for the fact that I had shopping in my basket, I’d have kept riding all day long. I went to Kmart today to purchase a rice cooker! I figure I eat enough of the stuff to justify purchasing one, and it wasn’t expensive at all. My first batch turned out quite good, so I am well pleased.

I’ve really done nothing today, I sat in the sun for a while and pondered the clouds and the garden. My poor little garden has been hit hard by the heat we’ve had this summer. The stupid trees we have are stressed and have dropped their leaves like it’s autumn, even though they’re not deciduous. It has made for good mulch however. My fuchsias in hanging baskets look like they’re deciding if they have the will to live or not and my other whatsits that i can’t remember the name of are battling too. My basil is flourishing, even the cat likes it!


Uni would start for me this week, if I wasn’t going for my laparoscopy on Tuesday. Instead, tomorrow at around 6pm I will be drinking the drink of evil and spending my evening on the toilet. Hooray for me. I have to ring between 4-6pm tomorrow to find out my surgery time, but I do know I’m having a morning appointment with the hot surgeon. But uni, yes, I’m so not ready for it. I haven’t even really thought about it. Bad, I know.

There’s nothing on tv now, well some bullsh*t Heath Ledger show *yawn* and not much else. I’m all tv’ed out and I haven’t even watched that much yet. Maybe I should find me some books to read over the next week or so. Yikes. Here’s when I really miss having Mum around, she was such a big reader, I used to raid her collection all the time. She had wonderful taste in literature did my Mum.

I rang Dad earlier, he’s coming to take me to hospital on Tuesday. I asked him if he could bring all our old photo albums, as he lives in a fire prone area in the Dandenongs. Maybe I’ll just spend the week checking out old family photos. Mum & Dad have a huge collection of slides too, I told him to bring them and the projector. I have such fond memories of us as a family having slide nights and begging to be allowed to load up the slides and make them go through the contraption. And doing shadow puppets lol!

So, if anyone wants to visit me and bring me books or chocolate or show me their boobs, you’re more than welcome, but probably not until Thursday onwards. I’m hoping that they give me loads of anaesthetic that takes ages to leave my system and that I do a lot of sleeping and they also give me loads of strong pain killers that leave me dopey and hallucinating. One has to get their drug fix somehow now that one has given up illegal drugs. Friends bearing joints will be even more graciously welcomed into the house of Fen. Friends that break Ikea lamps will be punished severely, ya hear me Stu, PUNISHED.

I think I will go eat crumpets, just because I know that tomorrow I can’t eat from 6pm onwards, that thought makes me hungry constantly. That and the boredom that’s infiltrated my mind.

I need entertaining.


~ by Fen on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “sunday boredom”

  1. Hooray for the crumpets. Ultimate. Comfort. Food.Hope all went well this morning.

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