re-tweeting – i just don’t get it

Twitter again….

What is it with people that re-tweet (RT) information sent out by tweets from @774melbourne or other news services?

I get it once from @774melbourne, then I get it AGAIN, another 5 times from all the twats on my list who think it is their job to re-tweet this information. If you feel the need to do community service, get off your fucking backside and do something useful with your life please.

I’m tipping most people on their twitter list are either a) subscribed to said @774melbourne or b) don’t give a flying rats arse if the power is off in the following suburbs or c) got it the first time and are sat at their computer rolling their eyes at the RT’s.


I have deleted some of these said people already, yesterday was just beyond ridiculous.

I bet these same people forward boring and unfunny emails too. Fucking spammers.


~ by Fen on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “re-tweeting – i just don’t get it”

  1. You must be mending. You are getting cranky 😛

  2. ha ha ha it’s all this sitting around doing not much, it makes me think too much LOL!!!

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