lazy sundays

I found a lovely cafe today. Well I didn’t find it as such, I knew it was there from the countless times I have journeyed past it, but today I dropped in for some food with my friend Harvey.

If I could reach my handbag that is on my bed, I’d even tell you the name of the lovely cafe…. here it is… dooD328 Cafe. Interesting name!

Anyway, strange name or not, this place was just charming. The decor was interesting, the food was delicious and the staff extremely friendly. I chatted about Life on Mars (the UK version) with one of the waitresses and we waxed lyrical about how bad the US version is! Then I accosted the owner as he was cleaning toilets out the back. Well, I didn’t really accost him, I just chatted whilst he finished cleaning the ladies toilet, and let me say, he did a mighty fine job. I have much respect for an owner who will get in and do the dirty work.

I will definitely go back there, it was laid back and very unpretentious, unlike its immediate neighbour and some of the other establishments around Brunswick.

Harvs and I ambled back home, bathed in beautiful sunshine and sat on the balcony with the cat, drinking tea. He left later to head out to a show.

I’ve been decadently lazy, eating toasties, watching So You Think You Can Dance & Hustle and eating the occasional m&m. The cat is now playing fetch with her favourite dark purple hair tie (she’ll only fetch a certain colour) and I’m debating whether to go to bed or watch another episode of Hustle.

a lazy sunday afternoon


~ by Fen on March 8, 2009.

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