So, my clinical placement continues to be extremely interesting, exhausting and a great learning curve for me. YAY that. I’m in two minds about whether to write about it here, because I’m dealing with terminal patients, I’d hate for anyone to ever stumble across my blog and recognise the person I’ve written about. Not that I’d use names or anything.

Put it this way, I’ve had 2 dead bodies already, one of which I helped take to the mortuary because we were short staffed, full of patients and really needed the bed. I’ve talked to loads of palliative care patients, cardiac patients, attended seminars, done art therapy and the list goes on. I’m now cycling about 65kms a week, which is pretty good for me. I need a masseuse to assist with my leg muscles however!

I’m hungry and I have no food in the house and I can’t be effed getting food from the shops. Once again I find myself in need of a slave! DAMMIT!

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Russell Brand @ Hamer Hall and I can’t wait. That is if I manage to stay awake during the show! LMAO!!!

~ by Fen on March 19, 2009.

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