Ol’ Russ @ Hamer Hall

So last night was the much awaited stand up gig for Russell Brand. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was. I discovered Russ when he was hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth in the U.K. I would listen to his Radio 2 show, and download the podcasts each week in case I’d missed the show. I loved the anarchic, fly by the seat of the pants comedy the radio show contained. I fell in love with Russell & Matthew and even developed a new found respect for Noel Gallagher who’d be a regular guest on the show.

Most of the material in Russ’ current gig is based around the scandal that ensued after Russell & Jonathan Ross left a “lewd” answerphone message on Andrew Sach’s phone. Realistically it was trial by media, especially the abhorrent Daily Mail. After the show aired, there were less than a handful of complaints to the BBC. A week later, after the media got wind of what had happened and were calling for blood, all of a sudden there were thousands of complaints, no doubt by people who’d never even heard the show. It was utter rubbish, but Russell resigned and Jonathan was suspended for 3 months. Rumour had it, which was later confirmed, that Matt & Russ had some sort of falling out, hence the last 6 or so weeks having guest co hosts, but I miss that radio show so very much. I have all of the podcasts on my ipod and I listen to them regularly.

So last night I was more excited than a kid in a lolly shop. Sam, Abbey and I had drinks and dinner at Gertrudes Brown Couch and then made our way down to Hamer Hall. I love the Arts Centre, it’s so nicely done. I’m glad they’re holding more comedy events there now. So we arrived and made our way inside. Laughing along the way at the beautiful sluts that had turned out in their best (read worst) attire to try to attract Russells attention. It’s a well known fact that Russell picks up one or more of these tarts to have his way with after the gig, so you can imagine the flesh that was on display. If taking photos weren’t such a no no I could have made a sport of it!!

The actual show was pure brilliance. The show went for about 2 hours and Russell had us in stitches the whole time. My face was so sore from smiling and laughing by the end of it all. I was just so stoked to be finally seeing one of my idols live and in the flesh. At the start of his gig he came out into the crowd and as we were 6 rows from the front we had a good position. He walked up next to me, I was sat in an aisle seat and turned around and said hello to me. I could have died from happiness there and then. I truly hope that Russ makes it back to our shores again very soon, as I’d love to be able to see him on a more regular basis.

So after the show we stuck around as it is also another well known fact that he’ll come out after the show to meet the fans. After about half an hour he did thus and women (and I use that term loosely for some of them) were screaming and shoving to get close to him. Quite amusing. I found myself a wonderful spot, standing on one of the podium things that merchandise sellers usually stand on, so I was well above everyone else and could just watch what was going on. I had no desire to be one of the chosen few, funnily enough I’ve never had the desire to become one of Russ’ statistics. I’d much rather Maffoo! We giggled at the scantily clad, heavily made up tarts then after it was all over we wandered home, happy and our faces still aching from smiling so much.

Five stars.

(i only had my tiny digital camera with me, so the photos are pretty rubbish, but I don’t mind)
Russ & Dan


~ by Fen on March 21, 2009.

7 Responses to “Ol’ Russ @ Hamer Hall”

  1. Saw him on tele last week. Funny guy. Women must have very high expectations of his performance though.

  2. oh yeah, could you imagine. Then again, do these women have standards? I'm not one to judge…. ha ha ha!!!I'd expect fireworks & magic tricks πŸ™‚

  3. I had an absolute ball…it was just sensational. But I have to admit…the screaming girls were just about doing my head in. Did you see the girls who were telling him to “come over here”? Yeah, they were like 2 seats down from me. Cleavagepalooza. (And not very wisely, in all honesty.) And the SCREAMING!!! Interestingly, they disappeared without their male friend about 2/3rds of the way through the gig, so I don’t think his comedic brilliance mattered much to them. Perhaps they knew about his penchant for threesomes and was gearing up for that. Hmmmm…Anyway, I am really wanting to get a Boosh/Brand double bill happening. Not sure how, though. Will ponder! Incidentally, your pics still turned out better than my shitty phone ones! πŸ˜‰

  4. i was the guy he gave the water bottle to during the show :Dhes so nice. after the show he recognized me and was lke ” hey i gave you the bottle of water, alright mate?” took my book and signed it, then gave me this massive hug and started playing with my hair.

  5. Em – yeah I know where you were sitting now, I was on that same side. I’m surprised you didn’t see me, at one stage everyone had sat down waiting for the show and I was still sitting on the arm of my chair talking to my friends!! How good would a Noel/Russ double act be? OMG HEAVEN!!Perrinho – HA HA yeah I saw you, I wasn’t far from you at all. He does seem like a genuinely lovely person, which is great.

  6. wohoo im famous lol ( was also the guy who yelled the answer to charlie pickerings steven hawking joke, which btw, i thought was a very good support act) so were u like near rove and hamish then?lol i had a dream that noel fielding and i became friends once. woke up very disappointed.

  7. Perrinho – i had a dream that noel fielding and i…oh wait, let's not go there!Yeah was near Rove & Hamish, of course I was like oh it's the Hamish & Andy guy (i'm clueless) and then I was oh who is that guy with the awful shirt and satin waist coat. Which of course was Rove. There was some other 'famous' person who I had no idea who it was!! Typical me!

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