mind wanderings

I keep meaning to update, but I’ve not got much to say!

I watched the final episode of Hex tonight and talk about the worst series ending ever. I’m so confused and disappointed. Not sure if I’ll start on Spooks or The Wire next. I want to d/l Six Feet Under too, as I’ve heard it’s good. I know I’m rather behind on my viewing, however I don’t watch much telly, I prefer to do it at my own pace. Besides, ads are tedious!!

I slept all of the weekend away, I was so very mentally exhausted. No doubt I’ll be the same this weekend, yay for no social life. Though not that that is a problem as I am flat broke from having so much time off with my surgery. I’m damn well looking forward to my Rudd bonus coming in. Centrelink sent me a letter today informing me I am eligible, wow, they’re so quick and on the ball!! We’ve only known that for about a month now. Morons.

I was riding to somewhere, where was I riding? Oh yeah, up Royal Parade to work, and I was overtaken by a rather unkempt member of the male species who obviously thought he had to show me how much of a good rider he was. I was very happy to let him go ahead and gain some distance, he was the WORST SMELLING rider I’ve come across in a long time. And let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than being caught in someone’s stinky slipstream. Fuck what does it take to have good hygiene? It’s not that freakin difficult people…a shower, maybe use some soap, a bit of deodorant, wow. I think that may be one of my biggest pet peeves, bad body odour. At least now I ride everywhere I don’t cop it much, but when I used to catch public transport, sheesh. I never understood how, when I was on say a 7.15am train, some people could stink so badly. I’d hate to be stuck next to their smelly armpit on the packed train on the way home. Gross. I’ve been known to comment loudly when walking past people with bad body odour, but I know it’s a lost cause, if they cared they wouldn’t stink. There’s simply no excuse for it. Oh and don’t get me started on the number of taxis I’ve gotten into and had to wind the window down just so I could breathe without dry retching.

My birthday is approaching again *sigh*. My Mum’s birthday is this Sunday. This time of the year always fills me with existential dread. I miss my Mum loads, I wish she were still here.

~ by Fen on March 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “mind wanderings”

  1. Only once I think have I ever smelt a woman with bad b o. In England, Netherlands and France, never smelt anyone with b o. Nearly always men in Melbourne who stink and just stating a fact, nearly always Indian or Sri Lankan foreign students. Why don’t the friends tell them?

  2. because they’re too gutless? Dunno. This guy was a blonde Aussie, but you’re right, a lot of them are foreigners.

  3. dude six feet under is one of the most amazing shows EVER made. It totally set the bar for tv…. I’m just about to start watching it again for a 4th time… big lot to plow through thoughThe wire is fucking incredible too

  4. yeah it’s gonna take me ages to d/l it, then watch it, but that’s ok, winter is coming and i’m too tired on weekends to have a life!!!

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